Friday, January 2, 2015

Update 3

Here is where I'm at so far with CAS (and my blog):

I had to retype some of my previous posts, since they got deleted for some reason :( *, so there might be some changes from before. (they also have barely been edited, so they will change pretty frequently)

*Edit: Finally figured out why my posts keep being deleted. 
I have the blogger app on my phone, which has incomplete drafts of my posts (in particular the Ark Eden one- which is why it keeps changing so much!) Apparently it is set so it updates my blog with the phone version, so it keeps posting the incompleted drafts, making it look like parts of my posts just get deleted all of a sudden...

I also received the photos from the school camera from CAS week and am currently downloading photos from my phone, which I will start to place into some of my older posts, hopefully making them look less daunting and text heavy!

Still haven't written about baking class and Christmas carnival yet, that is on my to-do list at the moment (that and fixing my system of linking things together)!

Also, I am thinking about changing my CAS hour tally into a table or chart, since it isn't viewable at the moment on mobile and so I can have a clearer record on how I got the hours, not just a pure numerical value...


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