Friday, January 2, 2015

School newspaper

Activity: School Newspaper
Date: Nov - December (Wednesday)
Time: 2 hours a week (4 times)
Type: Group (with the Newspaper ECA group)
Organization: School 

Hours:  6 hours - Creative
              2 hours - Service

Like with the music, since this club happens every week, I am going to just post regular updates each month, and then have a summary post at the end of CAS. Also this club started in October, but I didn't get my CAS form signed before then.. so I am going to start counting hours from November.

Since it is the first time our school has ever had a newspaper, we are trying to sort out everything. Right now everything has been posted, but the formatting is a bit off. 

We are also in the process of finding Chinese writers and translators for the site for our next issue, since our school is an International School and some students aren't able to read English as well. Plus it will give me a chance to practice my Chinese

Another thing we are looking toward in our next issue is more ways for other students to be involved in the newspaper, through drawing competitions, writing challenges etc. We would also like to give out house points to the winners of the competition, but haven't gotten the permission yet!

I helped write the Books vs Movies article, most of the world news and am in charge of the social media aspect of the newspaper. I also helped to organize the books, teacher interviews and games sections, as well as help format the sports page and house pages. Lastly, Tara and I edited though all of the submission we got from the younger years.
   Click Here to see our progress so far!

Hopefully our next issue will run more smoothly!


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