Saturday, April 4, 2015

KCCIS Sports day

Activity: KCCIS Sports Day
Date: March 13th
Time: from 9 am to 2 pm
Type: School event
Organization: School

Hours: 3 hours - Action
             2 hours - Service 

2) Undertaken new challenges or an extension of an existing one
I volunteered to help with announcing during sports day, which was completely new to me. This was an exciting challenge, as while I am a pretty talkative person with people I know, public speaking still makes me really nervous, and these anouncements were being publically anonced to everyone in the school!

Luckily, I had the help and guidance from a teacher and student who did it last year, which was very thankful for!
4) Worked collaboratively with others
 It goes without saying, but such a large school event required working together with a LOT of people, from the teachers and students calculating the scores, to helping students find their events, to the people at each of the stations helping to run the events etc. 

Since I was at the anouncing desk with another classmate, there was often one running between stations to get information that needed to be anounced while the other stayed back to give the second call for event. This required collaboration as we needed to ensure that there was always at least one person at the desk at all times.

This was made harder by the fact that we both had events to go to, but in the end we were able to make everything run smoothly

(albeit with a little hiccup at the start with a teacher not realizing the paper was distances not time, so the person with the larger number would win. Luckily the mistake was spotted before the announcement!)

5) Shown perseverance and commitment in my activities 

I got to the school bright and early to help the teachers take attendance and help the students find out which bus they would be going on. Once I got to the sports ground, I helped teachers with attendance taking and finding or calling missing students.

During the event, I was one of three students doing all of the anouncing, from the events ("Final call for under 12 boys 100 meters!") to general announcements ("This is a general reminder to please keep off the track as a race is about to start!") to the winners of the races and events (where I might have horribly butchered peoples names...)

I also was responsible for getting updates to each of the event stations, helping point students in the right direction, getting the results from the teachers calculating to the award station where students would pick up their medals (which required a lot more running) .  
While the event ended at 1 pm, I stayed behind to help clean up and move all of the supplies, banners, cheer leading gear, forms, tables etc back to the school bus. This required commitment and perseverance on my part, as I was working for 5 hours straight from the morning to afternoon.

All of this and I still had time to squeeze in a 100m, 400m and 4x100m relay race! (I didn't win any though... at least I persevered to the finish!)

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