Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Flute and Violin (Nov-Dec)

Activity:Flute and Violin Class
Date: November ~ December (Flute on Sat, Violin on Wed)
Time: 45 min a week  (3h per month)
Type: Individual
Organization: Lotto Music Center (phone no. 2569 9110)

Hours:  12 hours - Creative (3 per month, 2 instruments, for Nov and Dec)

Like I said in my update here, I am going to just put updates as to what I did in music class each month, and then have a summary post at the end of CAS, since it wouldn't make any sense to write (and no one would want to read about) the same exact reflections every single month.

Bit of background information, I have been playing flute for about 4-5 years now (give or take some time since I stopped for while when moving to HK). However, I haven't been playing violin as long ( like 2-3 years max).

Nov & Dec flute
I recently took my ABRSM flute exam (for the first time ever) for Grade 4 flute on November 5th and managed to get a score of 111 (just 9 points away from a merit, which is pretty good and much higher than I was expecting :D )!

I am currently not preparing for the Grade 5 exam (due to school work etc...) so I am practicing out of the "Koehler Progression in Flute Playing: Opus 33" book and "76 Graded Studies for Flute- Book 2" book.

The former book focusing more on articulation and phrasing (which I was docked points from in my flute exam and need to work on) and the latter book focusing more on pieces in keys with three or more sharps/flats (keys of the Grade 4 pieces had at most 2 flats or sharps, and the scales only required I do the ones with 3 or less) so it is a bit challenging learning, getting used and memorizing these keys.

Outside of class, I am trying to learn "Badinerie from Orchestral Suite No. 2 in B minor" by Bach (which I got off the internet), mostly because it sounds really cool and challenging due to how fast the piece is.

Nov & Dec violin
I am currently learning pieces out of a Violin Method book (sorry it is so vague, the book is a Chinese one and the only words it has in English are "Violin Method"  on the cover...)

Right now in class I am mostly focusing on my double stopping ( where you draw the bow across 2 strings at once to get a chord) since I am having a lot of difficulty with getting clear notes while double stopping.

Outside of class, I have mostly been playing random Christmas carols (Carol of the bells, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer stuff like that) and whatever else I can "play by ear"

That's all for now! Happy New Year!
- Rebecca 

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