Saturday, December 5, 2015

Update 8

So IB year 2, whole lot more stressful than I had originally thought.
 No new events for November... (there was violin but that is a weekly thing)

Here is a quick update:

I might also change the " Activities I have done" tab to an "Organizations involved with", since the activities I have done can be found under the CAS hour tabs.

I have also added a forms page that I will add the signed forms for CAS (when I have the time) , so that I don't have to lug by CAS binder everywhere I go. It is password protected, since it has some personal information about the events I do on it.

Here are some goals for the month of December (which once again will be bit short due to mocks, college apps and the like) :
  • Finish off any posts I have been putting off (such as music ones)
  • Add more new activities, preferably action 
    • Christmas Carnival is coming up!
  • Start the year 13 CAS chart
That is all for now!
- Rebecca

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