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Christmas Carnival- White Elephant Stall

Activity: Christmas Carnival- White Elephant Stall
Date: December 19, 2014 (Friday)
Time: 9 Hours
Type: Group (with friends)
Organization: School Event (donations to Operation Santa Claus)

Hours:  9 hours - Service

On December 19th, I helped out with our school's annual Christmas Carnival! Our class decided to do a White Elephant Stall, where we took second hand donations and sold them, and took all the money earned and donated it to Operation Santa

First, I stayed behind after school to help sort out the donations by how much we would sell them for. We had received donations ranging from children toys, bracelets, stuffed animals, coffee mugs, even a full set of the Harry Potter and Artemis Fowl book series.

I also made chocolate chip cookies for the Bake sale run by the year 13s (the day before the carnival).

Baking the cookies in my kitchen...
...and packaging them! (this took much longer than I thought it would...)
Bake sale!

My Cookies!

On the day, I helped set up the White Elephant Stall by organizing the things based on their price. As you can see we had lots of donations from our school!

(yes that is a full set of the Harry Potter, Eragon, Diary of the Wimpy Kid, Artimis Fowl  , Cherub series (including a few of the spin off!) )

The whole stall (it took several tables to put everything!)

Marking things for auction! (More info in reflections)
Passing an auction sheet over! (the green tag marks the current bid)

At the end of the day, our single stall raised HK$3,588!

The pile of tickets we got! ( each ticket is worth HK$ 2)

 Reflections HERE, since this post is getting a bit long... (sorry for the delay!)

- Rebecca 

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