Friday, February 6, 2015

White Elephant Stall - Reflections

This is the reflections for the Christmas Carnival White elephant stall!
(If you haven't seen the first post yet click here.)

Also, I didn't count the time spent baking the cookies for the bake sale in my CAS hours, since I didn't have a supervisor for it (and it was for another year group's stall not ours so I don't think it counts) I left the cookie baking thing in the original post simply because it was a part of the carnival.

Also they are super cool looking and tasty! But I digress...

With that out of the way, here are my reflections:

3) Planned and Initiated Activities 
I helped to plan and initiated the White elephant stall by helping to gather the donated items, sorting them type (book, toys etc), placing price tags on the items, setting up the stall in the morning and helping to sell items at the stall for the entire day.

While I was helping to set up, many people came up to ask how much certain items were (such as the green toy story alien plushie, the Harry Potter book series, the winnie the pooh plushie etc..) and even asked if we could reserve the item or sell it to them before the carnival started so that no one else could have it!

I realized that many people were willing to pay MUCH more for certain items then we had originally priced them at. Thinking quickly, I got a few pieces of paper, wrote down the names of the most popular items, and put them on auction.

When someone wanted to by a "high ticket" item, I would write down their name, class, and number of tickets they were willing to pay. At the end of the carnival, we were then able to earn a lot more than if we were to just sold it to the first person who came to us.

4)Worked collaboratively with others 
During the event, I often worked collaboratively with my other classmates often to make sure the stall ran smoothly. In the afternoon, many children from the primary section of our school came, so we had to split up the stall, with each person in charge of there section, so that we were able to help all of the students buy the things they wanted.

I also worked together with my classmates to organize the stall to collect items and set up the stall in the morning before the carnival.

5) Shown perseverance and commitment in my activities
Since the event lasted for the whole day I needed to show perseverance and commitment to remain upbeat and helpful from the first student to the last! We also needed stay behind after school to organize the stall and price items, which demonstrated our commitment in making sure that the stall was as great as we could possible make it!

 Overall the whole day was filled with fun moments and excitement since we were having a great day with the younger kids while helping to earn lots of money for Operation Santa Claus!


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