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Year 9 Options evening

Activity: Year 9 Options evening
Date: February 12 - 13, 2014 (Thursday and Friday)
Time: 3 + 4 Hours
Type: Group (with classmates)
Organization: School Event

Hours:  7 hours - Service

On the 12th and 13th of February, I helped set up for our school's Y9 Options evening (where Y9 students and their parents discuss with teachers about their IGCSE and GCSE options for Y10)

On Thursday, I helped set up the signs and table, bring down the electric kettles (hot water for the tea, coffee and milk tea) and all of the food, as well as moving the chairs and tables so that they were ready for Friday. I was also involved in the video that was shown to the Y9's, in which I gave advice about the IGCSE and GCSE exams and Y10 and 11.

On Friday, I was at the sign in desk greeting parents and Y9 students when they came in and giving them their information packet for the meeting, which contained things such as the subject choice form, information on the new courses our school offered (Global Perspectives and Psychology) as well as a floor plan that showed where each of the subject teachers would sit.

At the end of the day, I worked together with my classmates to put all of the tables and chairs back so that the hall looked the way it did before we got there.

My reflections:

4) Worked collaboratively with others
During the options evening I had to work with my classmates and other fellow prefects to set up everything in the hall and make sure that all of the students and parents had all of the things and information they needed in order to choose the most suitable classes for Y10 and Y11. In particular, I helped with the setting up of the signs at each table and organizing the chairs and tables according to the floor plan we received from the teachers.

By dividing up the tasks, we were able to complete them more effectively, as one student would point or read out where a table should go, and the other students would quickly place them down and surround them with chairs.

On Friday, I also worked collaboratively with the teachers by helping them pass messages to other teachers, while also getting them tea, coffee and other refreshments from the snacks table(since the event went on for several hours). At the end of the day, I once again worked with my class mates to clean up everything and put all tables and chairs back.

5) Shown perseverance and commitment in my activities
Since my involvement in this event took place over two days, I had to persevere through many hours of helping students, moving tables and chairs, setting up signs, handing out information packets etc... while remaining as helpful as possible from start to finish.

In fact my involvement in this event started even before these two days, as I was part of the video they showed to the Y9 students, where I gave advice about the program and how to best select classes (mainly, not to choose subjects they believed would be "easy A's" as there weren't any...).

 This involved me working together with our school photography club to find a time where everyone could be filmed, and showing commitment to my involvement in the Options evening months in advance.

- Rebecca

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