Saturday, March 21, 2015

Newspaper club - January (2 months late I know...)

Activity: School Newspaper
Date: January (Wednesdays)
Time: 1 hour 45 min a week (4 times a month)
Type: Group (with the Newspaper ECA group)
Organization: School 

Hours:  3 hours - Creative
              3 hours - Service

Haven't updated about this in a while...
Long story short, our school has canceled it indefinitely due to... reasons (our school was very vague about it) so there is only one month of it for January
(we had Chinese New Year break for two weeks and it was canceled the week before it, so I didn't count the month of Feb, since it was only one meeting).

I will try my hardest to get it back up! In the mean time, since the website is blocked with a password and it isn't viewable to everyone, here are some screenshots of the things I did!

The home page:

Photo was taken by our schools photography club, chinese translations done by another club member. The email and twitter account (basically all communication) was run by me and classmate
Here is another photo:

Sports section:
This was a page I helped to format and find pictures for. The scores and information came from several of the Y12 members who helped out as time keepers or as team players.

(I blocked out the names of the younger students since I haven't asked permission from them to post it on my CAS blog.)

World News section: 
 This is one of the sections I personally helped write. It is news from the October- November issue since I realized that since the website is down, I need to show evidence for last terms stuff. It is actually much longer than this, but I didn't want to post every single page of it (it is quite long).

Book section:
I was personally in charge of this section of the newspaper. I had 3 students in my part of the team and I helped with brainstorming ideas, having updates and editing their work.

This is the book challenge page, where I chronological my quest to read 52 books this year!

This page is a "Books vs Movies" review, where we compared books to the movies to see which one was truly better! We also had lots of book reviews done by members in the club, which I won't post since there are just so many and I only helped edit them.

School news section:
Lastly I helped to edit and find pictures for the school news section, with the information being written by people from our school. Again I chose to show the Nov-Dec issue of the newspaper since I need evidence for it (also it looks nicer and is more festive!)
So that is all for now, hopefully the school newspaper will be revived some time in the future! I'll be posting the reflections HERE soon!


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