Thursday, March 26, 2015

Update 5

Sorry for the delays with... well pretty much everything at this point!

Most of the reflections for last month are either done or work in process, so look forward to those coming out soon! (I might just post a video for the violin and flute reflections... means a lot less typing, which I am really slow at!)

Also I accidentally deleted my CAS hours table (seriously, why is the Update and Revert to draft button right next to each other) so I tried my best to restore it, but it might be missing a few things...
(if you know what exactly was on it, leave a comment!)

March is winding down to a close now, so here are some updates, goals etc for April:
  •  I have started a crochet class which will continue into April (creative)
  •  I will be helping out backstage with our school's Arts evening toward the end of April (service/action)
  •  I need to have more action hours.... barely have any compared to the other two!
  •  At the moment, all of the English first aid classes are during school hours, so I might have to wait til summer to do that...
  • Didn't get a form for Battle of the Books since it would only be a few hours (since books were read at home individually and the actual Battle didn't count for CAS)

*update: Right, I somehow forgot to mention that I am taking a 5 day spanish crash course with my friends during Easter break. I have no idea why I left it out but yeah...

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