Saturday, February 28, 2015

Flute and Violin (Jan-Feb)

Activity:Flute and Violin Class
Date: January ~  February (Flute on Sat, Violin on Wed)
Time: 45 min a week  (3h per month)
Type: Individual
Organization: Lotto Music Center (phone no. 2569 9110)

Hours:  12 hours - Creative (3 per month, 2 instruments, for Jan and Feb)

So I said that I would post videos (and I will!) it is just that I haven't yet and this thing is a month late... so I will type this up now and post videos in the future!

Jan & Feb flute
I am currently still studying with "Koehler Progression in Flute Playing: Opus 33" book. While I am still focusing on my articulation and phrasing, I am also practicing my "high" notes since they tend to sound "airy" whenever I have a low followed by a high note in quick succession.

Jan & Feb violin
I am practicing various Gavottes from the same Violin Method book I mentioned before. While my double stopping has gotten better, it still needs a lot of work... I also need to practice my sight reading more, since I often need to stop to read notes that are below the bar (flute, which I am more used to sight reading, has a middle c as its lowest note, where as violin has a low G as its lowest note), which messes up my rhythm.

Hopefully I will be able to post videos showing these things soon, but right now I am really behind on these CAS reflections and need to catch up fast before I am several months behind....


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