Saturday, February 7, 2015

Update 4

Sorry for the delays with the Christmas Carnival post (and another flute and violin for the month of January, which I haven't even touched yet...). Between all the mid term tests, added workload for all my classes and a history bowl competition, I just haven't had much time to do them....

So yeah, there aren't very many hours for January's CAS for the reasons above.

However, I have slightly more time this month due to Chinese New Year break so hopefully I will have time to do more activities this month.

I am current team leader of my house's inter house Battle of the Books team (GO RED HOUSE!) which is a quiz competition our school has each year about 5 English and 1 Chinese book, which I am pretty sure counts for CAS hours (need to ask supervisor though!)
I'm also thinking about doing a first aid course at Hong Kong's St. John Ambulance this month! 

Hopefully February will be a slightly more productive month CAS wise!

- Rebecca  

update (within an update, update-seption):
 ... I didn't get into the first aid course during Chinese New Year (class was full) oh well, I guess there is always the summer! :P

Also, the Battle of the Books meeting count for CAS, so I need to get a form. Also forgot to mention that I would help set up and run the Y9 option evening (need to do reflections)!

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