Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Update 6

I am once again very behind with my IB CAS reflections....

Let's just say between doing a Chemistry Group 4 project, some of my IA's, practicing for the SAT reasoning test (June 6th - ahhhh!!), History EE etc I haven't had the time to update this blog...

Most of the posts are nearly done, just editing spelling, adding a few photos etc, so expect to see those soon (just realized that this is almost word for word what I said in my last update....)

Here are some things I plan to do in the next few months (turns out I have been numbering these "terms" wrong, it is supposed to be 3 months per term. Oh well...)

  • I have once again signed up for the first aid course at St. John's for the end of July or start of August, though I haven't gotten confirmation if I got in. I got in (for the end of July one)! :D
  • More flute and violin (need photos and videos..).
  • CAS project is something that is continuous (school event that IB students organize), so I will continue to be doing that in June
  • Will see if I can help out for the Y10 end of school year dance
  • I need to see if prefect counts as CAS, it probably does for like service 
  • Due to exams, there won't be NEARLY as many activities or updates for June and July, just a heads up.
That's all for now!

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