Sunday, June 28, 2015

CAS Project (Planning + event)

Activity: KCCIS CAS Project (Planning + event)
Date: Some days in May + June 26th
Time:15 hours across all of the days
Type: School event
Organization: School

Hours: 5 hours - Creative
             5 hours - Action  
             5 hours - Service        

The CAS project is a school wide event where the Y12s teach the younger years about IB CAS and plan events that are related to a broader topic such as the environment or inequality. In our case, the topic chosen was Freedom.

3. Planned and initiated activities
This whole activity was made and organized by all the students in Y12 and was our first taste at teaching the younger students for a whole day by ourselves, without the help of the teachers. 

I was in charge of one of the four groups, and planned everything from how the activity would work, running the game as the narrator. Our groups activity was based on the game Mafia, in order to explore how freedom of speech can be effected by external threats, such as secret police.

Besides the activities, we also needed to prepare a powerpoint presentation about what CAS is and a short introduction about each of the activities, presented by a few people from each group.

4.Worked collaboratively with others
I worked together with all of the Y12 students, as we had to plan the whole project from start to finish, by ourselves. I was in charge of one group and needed to work together with everyone in my own group, as well as other groups, so that were were able to have the event run smoothly.

I also taught several groups of younger students about the game and rules that went with it, which involved collaboration between the students and I. Timing was also a key issue on the day, as the groups were at 3 different places throughout the day (in the hall, the foyer and the indoor gym) so we had to send messengers to the other groups and have people at each location to lead the students to the correct place.

Part of my group!

5.Shown perseverance and commitment on your activities
This activity was streatched over several months, so everything needed to be planed and scheduled weeks ahead of time, which involved lots of cooperation between the groups (and another color coded schedule by me, albeit less flashy and complicated than the Art's evening one :P)

While there were still a few hiccups on the day despite the plan (one group was brought to the wrong place and another group was accidentally split up), for the most part the day went very smoothly!

The day also involved lots of perseverance, as our group didn't have microphones, so by the end of the first group, I had already lost my voice! However, we all still had a great (but exhausting) time!

- Rebecca

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