Saturday, May 16, 2015

KCCIS Arts evening 2015

Activity: KCCIS Arts Evening 2015 ~ Backstage Crew
Date:  April 22 (Final performance date, there was practice before)
Time:15 hours across all of the days
Type: School event
Organization: School

Hours:  12 hours - Service
              3 hours - Action

Here are my CAS reflections for the event!

2) Undertaken new challenges or an extension of an existing one 
This was the first time I was involved with our schools Arts evening with the backstage crew, instead of being a performer or helping serve refreshments.  I undertook new challenges by deciding to help the back stage crew despite never doing it before.

During the few days, I had a crash course in everything from how to mix sound to how to use the amps, which was a brand new experience for me. I also arrived early on many of the days to sort our the cords and mics from each other.

Me on one of the many, many practice days

Soo many dials and sliders! ( it looks more confusing than it actually is)

3) Planned and Initiated Activities 
Since I was one of the older students helping out with the backstage crew this year, I had lots of responsibility planning and sorting out the running order for the evening. Luckily all of the students and teachers were very patient with us while we set up everything, mixed the sound worked on the running order etc.

After loads of trial and error sorting out which acts needed what at what time, I was able to create a three page color coded "Arts Evening Official Rundown and Duty Roster". 

(posted below in case you wanted to know all the work that goes unnoticed back stage by the crew members)  
4) Worked collaboratively with others

Arts evening wouldn't be possible without all of the students and teachers tirelessly working together. On the first few rehearsals, we had trouble figuring out which mic lead led to which mic. Eventually, one of the students sorted it out by tying different color ribbon at the ends of each of the mics and their corresponding lead, which you can see underneath the duty roster.

The whole event wouldn't have been possible without the collaboration of all of the performers, teachers and students involved all working together, coming to practice after school (and on Saturday)!

On the actual evening, everything went as planned (well, almost everything... there was still a bit of amp trouble and and a "selfie" moment was completely unplanned ).

All the hard work paid off on the day and we even got to see some performers dramatically lip sync behind the curtains before they went on stage, while everyone tried desperately not to laugh! Overall, this year's Arts Evening performance was unforgettable, and I'm glad to have been a part of it!"


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