Saturday, July 4, 2015

KCCIS International Flim Festival

Activity: KCCIS International Film Festival
Date: July 2nd
Time: 9 am - 3:30pm
Type: School event
Organization: School

Hours:  7 hours - Service  

During this event, I was responsible for two showings of the Saudi Arabia film "Wadjda" ( وجدة ) which was written and directed by Haifaa al-Mansour ( هيفاء المنصور‎ ) and has the distiction of being the first full length film made by a female Saudi director.

After the film, I engaged in a conversation about what happened in the film and the challenges the director and other women in Saudi Arabia still face today.
3) Planned and Initiated Activities 
While the overall event was initiated by our school's Film Studies teacher and Film Studies class (which I am not in, I take a second science (Biology) instead), the running of the event and discussion afterward was planned and initiated by me and a few other classmates.

When it turned out we had extra time at the end of the movie and discussion (since our movie was one of the shorter ones compared to some of the other movies being shown), our group decided to have the students draw storyboards for their own movie ideas.

6) Engaged with issues of global importance 
There where many interesting topics we discussed as a group, including how different the men and women are treated in Saudi society and how many of the freedoms we take for granted aren't aforded to everyone in the world.

Many concepts such as women not being able to drive themselves, young children being married off and women being forced to cover their hair when outside are concepts that many of the younger years found unusual, and it lead to an in depth conversation on how women are treated differently or are expected to do different things by society than men all over the world, including here in Hong Kong and other countries abroad.

- Rebecca

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