Monday, December 1, 2014

Update 2

November is almost over (well is over at the time of posting but not at the time of writing) so I here is an update on my long term projects/activities things I might do in December.

Also my CAS week trip reflection is a bit messed up and unedited (trying to fix it at the moment, also I haven't received any pictures yet, so that isn't quite done yet... sorry about that)

For my Flute and Violin class:
- I am thinking about just posting an updates every month on what I did under a "music" label, writing my reflections at the end of this year (since all the reflections and learning outcomes are pretty much the same for every class) and just linking all of the monthly updates to the end of the year reflection thing, I don't know yet...

For Newspaper Club:
This is a brand new thing in our school (I started it along with a few of my friends), so sorry for the delays, we are still trying get all the newspaper articles from the younger years, getting the format for each page right etc... Hopefully, we will have the first ever addition of the school newspaper released before December starts!

December/ Future things:
- I am going to a baking class with a few of my friends ( Creative )
- I am participating in a baking sale for our school's Christmas Carnival with all of the money being donated to a charity in Hong Kong (Service)
- I am helping to create a Christmas stall for the Christmas Carnival ( Creative )
- More Flute, Violin and Newspaper club...

More things posted soon!

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