Thursday, November 17, 2016

Looking to the Future...

Hey! So it has been a while since I have updated my blog with anything, since I have been busy with the wonderful (yet slightly intimidating) world of University.
Edit: Change photo to much more subtle shout out, since the logo one was taken off of wikipedia and this was the best noncopy righted image I could find :P

When I started this blog for IB, it was only intended as a way for me to get organised, given that if had I kept physical papers around, I would have lost about 90% of my CAS evidence by the end of the year (that's not to say I didn't still lose a lot of my supervisor forms, just that I lost less of them since I only had half of the papers to keep track of. :D

Also the blog acted as as a bit of useful procrastination :P Not that I recommended procrastinating for any current IB students (get back to your IAs EEs TOKs CAS or revision!), but considering this was an alternative to being completely unproductive, that resulted in me possible getting into university and on the front page of google for "IB CAS Blog"  (searched in an incognito window to avoid search history influence my results), I'd say it wasn't that bad in the end.

This still completely blows my mind.... Then again, who else makes a CAS blog in their spare time?

Over my two years of IB, I feel as though I have grown quite a bit as a person, I've not only survived the programe (seriously IB is no small feat) but also gone on to:

  • get a first aid certificate
  • lead a taught a group of students by my myself
  • create and plan goals, activities and events
  • figure out I suck at golf (like hit the grass more than the ball bad at golf)
  • learn how to crochet and code
  • become involved with various HK volunteering organisations
  • improve my music playing
  • master BSing to my achievements and reflections sound more impressive than they are
  • etc...

(this is starting to slowly sound like a paid endorsement. It isn't... although IBO, if you are willing to team up on this thing, I'd be happy to be involved :P gotta start paying off college somehow )

My history website is still a work in progress, though will be put on hold for the time being because again, University. I will try to get back on to it when I have the time (probably around Xmas break), but in the mean time, the website's blog will be up and running here

As you can see, like this blog, its work in progress and slowly updated

I will continue to update previous CAS reflections or (finally...) post several drafts of CAS reflections that I didn't get around to do while I was in IB (looking at you Music class reflections and Part 2-4 of my First Aid classes - Sorry for such a delay, they are just a really unpolished.

Instead of posting them here at the end however (which would be confusing what with the dates not lining up and completion of events several months from when they were actually done), I will reschedule them so that they fit the date they were completed on (thank goodness for past me's records)

Not sure how this will effect the email subscription people, so if you suddenly get spammed with a bunch of posts from the "past" in a few days, this is probably why. Apologies in advance!


I was also thinking about starting another personal blog, given how much this one helped me keep focus toward tasks and acted as a self-reflection, maybe I'll share a link here, or maybe I won't depending on what sort of things I end up posting (haven't decided yet)..

If I do create a blog and chose to share it, it's link will be found in the about me section (like with my History blog site) simply so I can stop cluttering the front page of my blog with "non-CAS" related things.

I have also set up different tabs at the top of the website in order to facilitate the skipping to a specific type of activity (it was under the learning outcomes before, but was a bit annoying to try and keep flipping back to that one page. Now its all conveniently positioned at the top!

Also I just learned how to link up page tabs with blog tags, wanted to test it out and went a bit overboard... 

So yeah! That will be all for now!

  • Filling up things I've missed
  • Making the website flow better
  • Occasional updates in the blog stats section. 
I'll try to migrate my future updates to either the history blog, or a separate personal blog, so that this one can retain its original purpose as a first and for most CAS blog. (not a Rebecca airs her general thoughts on the world bloggy page)

Its been a great journey in IB, and as I move on to the new adventure that is university, I all of you IBer's the best of luck in your academic, extra curricular and university endeavours!

- Rebecca

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