Thursday, September 17, 2015

Locker Labeling and Lock Replacing (part 2)

See part one of my reflections HERE

5) Shown perseverance and commitment in my activities
The task took two days (note the change in shirt color) , which shows my commitment to the activity, as I was only one of two people who returned on the second day to work on the locker keys.

On that day, my job was to check that each locker had a master key, ticking the locker number and student name off of the list.

One page of the master book of keys

Since about 40 or so lockers were being moved from the fourth floor to the third floor (lots of Year 10 and 11's this school year since they were born in the year 2000, which was also the year of the dragon), I had to make sure that the keys had the new 3000 locker number and not the old 4000 locker number so that all of the students would have a key

Checking with the master key list
Taking out wrongly labeled keys from the master book

Then we moved onto the student keys, with my classmate reading out the numbers on the loose keys and me double checking the keys with the ones in the book.

After that, we had to put the keys on the metal loop in order of number (for example 4030-4039 on one loop in order etc) for all of the student keys, double checking that we had a key for each locker for all four floors.

Just some of the student keys for the 2nd floor...
After 2 days and several hours of hard work, we finished with all of the keys! And every student had a locker for on the first day of school!

(well there were about 10 that didn't work, but 10 out of the several hundred isn't bad! Plus it is better than not having keys for the first week of school, which is what happened last year :P)


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