Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Locker Labeling and Lock Replacing (part 1)

Activity: KCCIS Locker Labeling and Lock Replacing
Date: August 26 - 27
Time: 2 days (10 am - 5pm)
Type: School Activity
Organization: School

Hours: 10 hours - Service  

A few days before the start of the school year, I helped out with getting the lockers ready for the new school year.

This involved 2 days of work replacing the locks for lockers where the previous owner lost or didn't return their keys, matching new and loose keys to the locker number, labeling the keys, making sure each locker had one key in the master book and one for the student (this took the longest time, since we had to make sure the keys matched each other and the locker we assigned it to), ordering the keys by number and homerooms and finally making sure that each student had a key on the right floor with the rest of their classmates.

Suffice to say there was quite a bit of work involved! And without further delay, here are my reflections for the day!

2) Undertaken new challenges or an extension of an existing one

This was my first time working the locks on the locker, so it took some practice to get the hang of changing the locks quickly but accurately. 

On the day, we were giving 2 keys (a red key and a blue one) a box full of new locks and a pen. A white label was stuck on all of the lockers that needed their lock changed. To do that, we needed to use the two keys
The keys + a new lock
Red Key:  Tumbler replacing key. This one was the key that took out the tumbler portion of the lock, so a new one could be put in its place. 
 Blue Key: Master Key. We used the blue key to unlock all the lockers to remove anything inside and so we could then use the red key to take the tumbler of the lock out.

Then after we switched the locks,we would take the white label off and stick it with the keys for the new lock.

Here is me in action!
See the row of white labels in the back? Yup, lots of people lost their keys...

Here is the box of locks after just one floor:

4) Worked collaboratively with others

After we replaced the locks (and labels to the lockers that would be moved to a different floor or whose old label was falling off), we moved to labeling the master and student key for all them!

In order to speed the process along, I worked collaboratively with my class mates, with each person taking over a different part in the locker key sorting process.

Laughing due to our IB coordinator's attempt to hide from view :D
 These steps included:
1) Printing the locker numbers using the label maker.
2) Sticking the labels on to the matching set of keys. (my job for most of the day)
3) Checking the keys for duplicates and making sure the two newly labeled keys are for the same locker.
4) Attaching a keyring and tag to the keys.
5) Putting the keys on to the metal loop

One half of the process
Every so often, we would switch roles so that everyone could try their hand at a different role.

But that still wasn't the end of the task at hand...

I'm cutting off this post here since this one is getting long. See the work I did on the second day HERE! (< link to other post when I am done with it)

- Rebecca

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