Saturday, August 22, 2015

RISE conference

Activity: RISE Conference
Date: July 31st-August 1st
Time: 14 hours (7 am - 12 pm / 7:30am - 2:30pm )
Type: Registration team
Organization: RISE (LINK) @ HKCEC (LINK)

Hours: 14 Hours - Service 

Over the summer I had the opportunity to volunteer at the Rise conference at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center.

I worked in registration, so arrived early on both days.

HKCEC in the early morning!
In my volunteer t-shirt, ready to work!

Here are my reflections for the event!

2) Undertaken new challenges or an extension of an existing one
This was the first time I have volunteered for a large conference, so I undertook many new challenges with the registration system. For example, there were many people who bought their tickets late, so I had to learn on the spot how to add the names of people who weren't entered into the system yet.
I also learned how to use the QR code e-ticket system on the ipad to print out the information for the name badges.

Another challenge involved making sure the people were in the correct line for their ticket. I was one of the 5 people in charge of the Alpha line, which was for people that had exhibits and stalls in the convention.

Entrance to the Rise conference

3) Planned and Initiated Activities
During the event, I was involved with the planning of different parts of the registration team, from teaching the later shifts how to use the ipad registration system, the e tickets and how to enter in the names of late comers or change their details in the system.

I also arrived slightly earlier than some of the people on the other days, so was involved with the set up of some of the stalls by finding the supplies the presenters needed or pointing them in the direction of the help desk.

Throughout the day, as number of people registering in the Alpha line got fewer, I also helped with the general admissions(which is what the pink wristbands are for). Many of the people attending the conference had trouble with the app or logging into the wifi, which I helped them with or sent them to one of the group leaders who could sort out their problems.

4) Worked collaboratively with others
I worked together with my registration team, lead by Grace in helping out with registration on the 2 days of the convention.

As mentioned earlier, I also helped teach some of the newer volunteers how to use the system and worked together with the other groups when they needed help, such as when the volunteers in charge of the general admissions needed more people to help speed their lines along.
On the convention floor during my break

- Rebecca

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