Friday, August 14, 2015

Crochet (Project 2) - Part 1

Activity: Crochet class
Date: May - July
Time:2 hours per lesson
Type: Individual
Organization: 編愛毛 (The Heart Knitting Company Tel. 2811 2287)

Hours:  16 hours - Creative

Like I mentioned before, I will group all of the lessons for a project together into one post and give a final CAS reflection for this at the end of IB, like with music, just so you don't have to see the same reflections over and over again :D

Here are some photos of my newest crochet project:

The pattern:

When starting the project, I used 4 different colors instead of the recomended one color, since I thought it would look nicer. Later I found out after making the project that the different layers needed different amounts of yarn (for example the black layer needed much more yarn than the white one), so for some parts I needed to improvise with other yarn. Still the final product looked really good !

Layer one (white centers):

Layer 2 (light blue circle):

Layer 3 (dark blue square)

Layer 4 ( connecting the squares with black yarn):

There is more to this project, but there might be too many photos in it for this post to load properly, so I am splitting this project up into 2 parts!

Look for that soon!


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