Friday, April 17, 2015

Y11 & Y13 Parents meeting

Activity: Y11 & Y13 Parents evening
Time: 3 + 1 hours
Type: School
Organization: School Event

Hours:  4 hours - Service

I am combining these two together, since the learning outcomes are the same (and also since the Y13 meeting was very short, since most students had already planned out university things etc)

4) Worked collaboratively with others
During the two events, I worked collaboratively with my classmates to help serve refreshments to the parents, students and teachers throughout the meeting. I was also there to greet parents, show them the way to the indoor gym where the meeting was being held (instead of the hall like the last one)

At the end of the events, I helped to collect the name tags, stack the tables and chairs, take down signs, return the refreshment box and electric kettles back to the staff room etc... to restore the gym back to its original state so that it could be used by the PE teachers the next morning.

5) Shown perseverance and commitment in my activities 
I showed perseverance through these parents evenings as I continued to stay after school to volunteer for them. While many students were there to help with the Y9 options evening, only about 5 volunteered for the Y11 one, and only 3 (including me) were present for the Y13 parents evening. For all of the parent evening,  we stayed behind not only for the event to serve refreshments, but also to clean up afterward, which demonstrated my commitment to the activity.

Helper selfie! (we didn't take any photos while clearing the stuff up...)

- Rebecca


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