Sunday, April 19, 2015

Crochet class- Lesson 2

This is the continuation of the first one (which can be found HERE)

Lesson 2 - March
I started out this lesson by crocheting the 1st row on the bag's sides, which was much easier than last time, since after the practice I did at home, I could crochet a stitch relatively quickly, accurately, and easily without constantly having to undo and redo my work because my hook was placed in the wrong stitch or got caught on the yarn. 

This lead to my stitches becoming more neat, as I could properly count the number of stitches I did without having to constantly having to stop and correct my mistakes!

Some tips I found about crocheting are:
  • Holding the yarn taught in the left hand makes "yarning over" (hooking the yarn with the hook) makes creating the stitch MUCH easier as the yarn doesn't pop out of the hook when you are pulling it through the loops
  • Angling the hook down when you pull the yarn through the loops makes it less likely that you will catch the loops as you pull through.
  • When creating a double crochet, the loops don't need to be that large, only about 1cm in length
  • Chain stitches look neater if they are made as small and tightly as possible.
(I realized that this makes no sense so I decided to film myself crocheting, thinking that might help explain it...)

... And realized that my hand was in the way and I am going way too fast for any of that to be seen (who would have thought that this was only after 4 hours worth of classes! I am a pretty good learner if I do say so myself :P)

(...and the video doesn't work for some reason...)

(maybe I'll post photos later)

After this lesson, I had finished the first 7 rows of my bag. Next lesson? Adding a different color!


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