Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Update 1

Right now I am currently in the middle of our school's CAS week, which is a three day golf clinic followed by an overnight camping trip at Ark Edan.

I will try to write thoughts and reflections on the day of the event (except on the Ark Edan trip since there isn't any wifi and I am not allowed to bring my computer :P So no updates then...)  and post it after I finish the event so I can put more detailed thoughts and reflections (as well as the learning outcomes, pictures and possibly videos).

I also might edit my poppy day posts in the future since I did them a bit wrong....

 I currently have 45 minutes of Flute class (on Saturday afternoon) and 45 minutes of Violin class (on Wednesday evening) every week. (and school newspaper club for about an hour and a half a week)

 In order to make this more organized, so I can accurately track my hours, I will be posting about what I did in the music class (and all after school activities) on the last week of the month (so I will have three hours a month per instrument) and a final reflection at the end of CAS (or this year haven't decided yet)...

So there is that for now... Will be posting more about CAS week soon!


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