Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Golf Clinic Trip - Day 2

DAY 2 - (November 11)
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Today we mostly practiced the things we did yesterday, but combined with other skills.
After the warm up exercises, we started off with chipping and putting. We split up into groups and started with the ball off the green, which we then had to chip on to the green before hitting it into the hole using the putter. Once again, we practiced on different holes in order to get used to the different distances and angles the holes were at.

Warm up in the morning (I'm in the pink shirt)

Very early on, I saw an improvement in my skills from the day before. Although my chipping was still a bit off (sometimes I would still hit the ground instead of brushing the grass), the accuracy putting made up of it during the activity.

We then played a game to see who could sink three holes with the smallest amount of strokes. I got 14 strokes in total (5 on two of the holes and 4 on the other one) which I though was pretty good considering it had only been my second day ever playing golf (In case you are wondering, the winner got 7 strokes, though to be fair he plays golf every weekend)
Panoramic photo of the place we practiced chipping and putting

After lunch we then went to the driving range again. This time we were introduced to the different types of clubs, ranging from the different numbered irons to the different types of wood.
With each different type of club, Hung would show us hitting a ball both with a half and full swing so that we could compare how each one affected the height and distance the ball flew. Simon then showed us again in super slow motion how we should angle our bodies in order for the ball to soar higher and the proper way to do half and full swings.

We were given a 7 iron, a sand wedge and a fairway wood to practice with. With my experience from yesterday, this went much smoother than before, and I was actually able to get the ball to fly up most of the time (not necessarily in a straight line, but hey practice makes perfect) and was able to practice my full swings from the day before.  With the fairway wood, I had to slightly change the angle I held the club at in order to hit just under the ball with the golf tee, which was different from the irons where I had to brush against the ground with the club since there was no tee.

Overall, Day 2 was spent mostly reviewing the things we did the previous day and improving our skill at them. We also learned quite a lot about the different types of irons and woods, as well as learning about the angle and height above the ground they fly at after hitting them. I improved quite a bit from yesterday and was able to finally nail down the half and full swings to a reasonable degree with all three types of clubs we were given for the day, which I found incredibly satisfying.

Final Day of the golf trip posted soon!

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