Monday, April 11, 2016

Update 10

Hey! It has been a while since I have updated.

I will be finish up the remaining odds and ends after May (including uploading my CAS portfolio for other's future reference).

As you can see by the sidebar countdown, it is T-20 days till the exams *panic*.

To all of the current year 2 IBer's reading this, good luck in all your exams! Hope revision is going well! (this applies to May people only, for November people you still have a few months). May you get high enough scores to get into your first choice university!

Now get back to revision/reviewing and stop procrastinating (says I, while typing this out instead of revising)! :P

To all of the current year 1 IBer's reading this, hope your first year of IB wasn't too bad and you turned in all of your assignments on time. .. well, most of them :)

Keep working hard in the summer to finish off all of the EEs, IAs, TOK essays and presentations, general school work etc. (as well as collecting those CAS hours), don't let these free weeks go to waste (you will regret it like I did at the start of Y13)!

(Feel free to still comment on any general IB related questions (or specific if in HK) , though keep in mind I won't answer them till much later )

Good Luck & Add oil (加油!!)


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